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An online community where women of all ages can find answers to whatever they may be in search of.  I primarily focus on the areas of: Hair, Makeup, Lipstick (including Lipsense) and Lip gloss.  Trends come and go within these three niche’s of beauty.  It is my goal as a beauty blogger to stay on top of trends and help women find the best of all worlds.


Q & A

I cover the topics lightly and leave it up to my readers to ask questions and help each-other answer them!  As a busy and active mother on the go, I can’t get to everyone’s questions.  So please help one another out and answer questions you know!  No sense in keeping the secrets all to ourselves these days.  Let your light shine on others.

Thanks for stopping by, you will regularly see blog updates on different topics.  You can join my Facebook group below which is related to Lipstick beauty.  Feel free and ask away in the ‘comments’ sections of any posts.